The DuckDB notebook

Duckbook is an AI-powered SQL notebook that runs in your browser. Use DuckDB and GPT-4 to explore and visualize data remarkably fast.

Our Approach

You own your data

Duckbook combines two powerful technologies: DuckDB & GPT-4.
But you own your data — it lives on your machine, not on our servers.

DuckDB faviconQuacks DuckDB

DuckDB is a lightning fast analytics database that can run almost anywhere, including in your browser. Crunch millions of rows instantly, with nothing to install or maintain.

Write SQL faster with AI

Use GPT-4 to translate natural language prompts to SQL. But you're in control — see your query, tweak it, chart it.

Secure & private by default

All data is stored locally in your browser, and isn't sent to or stored on Duckbook's servers. If you use AI, a small amount of data is sent to OpenAI. See our FAQ for more details.

Frequently asked questions